VonRoll hydro offers an extensive range of services to guarantee the maintenance of drinking water and gas supply systems.In doing so, vonRoll hydro supports the entire life cycle of the infrastructure, from installation to maintenance to replacement. Its main areas of expertise are leak detection and valve, fittings and hydrant inspections and revisions.


Polyurethane lined ductile iron pipes have been industrially produced by vonRoll Ltd since more than 35 years and have been introduced as a modern Bi-Compound material to meet advanced requirements of a demanding international customership. It's advantages make it a versatile conduct material fit for use in drinking water mains, gas distribution networks and sewage water systems.

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leak detection system

Mobile, on-site unit for acoustic leak detection in pressurised piping with outstanding measurement characteristics. Fittings, fire-hydrants, house connections etc. can be checked out in simple way during maintenance and inspection work, when reading meters or during the on-site location of leakage.

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