Contracting and Building Services

Building services engineering, technical building services, architectural engineering, building engineering, or facilities and services planning engineering refers to the implementation of the engineering for the internal environment and environmental impact of a building.

Commercial Agencies

organizations designed to collect, record and distribute to regular clients information relative to the standing of commercial firms. That is, they act as a sort of clearing house of information about customers' reliability.

meppro serviced

KARGO MALL – MEP design and build
Cairo airport Terminal 2 . VDGS design and build
Cairo Airport – FM for two years for VDGS
Future city – Leak detection underground system – design and build – operation and maintenance


We engaged Creative Building Services last year (based on recommendations from numerous people) to successfully.


As an engineer I am exposed to builders on a daily basis, and I work with some very, very good builders.


If you want the project done on time, on budget and to the highest quality, simply call John Katsanevakis.