APIS (Aircraft Parking and Information System) is designed to provide the aircraft pilot (and optionally the first officer) with simple and reliable guidance to the parking position at the stand.
All information needed by the pilot in order to position and park the aircraft safely and correctly is presented on an APIS display unit located at the extension of the stand centerline in front of the pilot. The aircraft guidance information shows the pilot the selected aircraft type and its lateral and horizontal position in relation to the stand’s centerline.
The lateral information is provided by an azimuth guidance unit based on Moiré technique.


Atlantis is an Apron management system from FMT , it is the result of several parts, or services, that work together to accomplish the required tasks.
Data arrive to the atlantis database from the CAODB ( Central Airport Operation Database ), and is processed by the CAODB interface. Valid messages are routed to the internal message queue and is distributed to any affected Ikaros clients or external equipment like a VDGS. Likewise, data is reported back to the CAODB when suitable. For instance ON- and OFF BLOCK times.
An operator can use the Ikaros client to see the current state of all VDGS that are connected to the system and also allows for manual operation if necessary. A clear overview is given for arrivals, departures and currently parked aircrafts.

PBB (Passenger Boarding Bridge )

When interfaced to a PBB, APIS++ will communicate information to the PBB about the arriving aircraft type and series to allow automatic pre-setting of the PBB, or semi-automatic pre-setting by means of a simple push of a button. Interface between APIS++ and PBB allows APIS++ to lock the PBB for operation after pre-setting and until the aircraft is Block On. After Block On APIS++ will communicate information to the PBB for automatic adjustment of the PBB’s position and for automatic connection, or semi-automatic connection, of the PBB to the aircraft.